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Using an Oracle SQL database and client management software enables database developers, SQL BI users, and DBAs to create and manage Oracle databases easily. There are many different kinds of Oracle database query tools you can use, and some of the best ones enable you to perform tasks online through a web browser. This way, you do not have to install any client on your desktop or laptop. Here are the top 10 things to look for in an Oracle database query tool: 

  1. Online data browser – Choose an Oracle database query tool that supports full database browsing capabilities online. This way, you can easily view table data, count the total number of rows in a table, and filter data.
  1. Export and import tools – A good query tool must let you export table data into HTML, CSV, PDF, and insert formats. Likewise, it must be capable of importing csv data directly to tables.
  1. Data editor – It should be easy to make, update, delete, and insert data, as well as blob or update clob data.
  1. Index client tool – Oracle table indexes are useful when searching data in a table. Look for a database query tool that lets you view index details such as index type, uniqueness, columns, tablespace name, and statistics.
  1. Column manager – This feature lets you view Oracle table column details, add new columns, and change table columns.
  1. Web-based constraints manager – Constraints are rules that are enforced on a table’s data columns. An Oracle database query must let you view details on table constraints, like the status, type, name, and columns, and it should let you perform tasks related to them.
  1. Database trigger manager – The triggers are executed when a delete, update, or insert statement is issued against the table. They are stored procedures, too. With a trigger manager, you should be able to view the details and perform tasks like drop, enable or disable, and add new after or before events.
  1. Data file manager – Look for an Oracle database query tool that will make it easy to manage and monitor data files with graphs. It should display the location of a data file, provide auto extensible information, and let you view and alter files. 
  1. Database monitoring and session manager tool – This advanced feature lets you kill database sessions or stop or start the trace. Likewise, it can filter session data, so you can see only those that are active. A web-based user interface makes it easier to troubleshoot issues, which are related to the session. 
  1. Report builder – Reporting tools are important, but be sure the reports can be created in different formats that are easy to store, like CSV, Excel, and PDF.
Top 10 Things To Look For In Oracle Database Query Tool


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