Teradata Client Tool

DBHawk is a web-based Teradata Client tool. It’s a Teradata SQL Assistant/Web Edition alternative with more features and intuitive UI.

Teradata Client Tools
DBHawk Features For Teradata Database

Teradata Client allows data warehouse developers and BI users to browse database schemas, run SQL queries, build SQL Queries using SQL Query Builder, Generate SQL scripts, create SQL reports and schedule reports to receive results by email. It supports complete business analytics features with intuitive web-based SQL GUI.

Teradata Data Browser

Data Browser & SQL Assistant For Teradata

DBHawk web client supports Teradata database browsing feature. Users can view database table data, filter data, count a total number of rows in a table.

Teradata Data Editor

DBHawk Data Editor For Teradata

DBHawk data editor allows to create, insert, update, and delete data. Users can also update clob, blob data.

Teradata Data Filter

Table Data Filter For Teradata

DBHawk provides advanced database filter on the table and database-view data. With simple clicks, users can apply table data where condition and order by conditions to filter table and view data.

Teradata Export/Import Data

Export/Import Data with Intuitive Web-Based UI

DBHawk online export data feature allows exporting table data into CSV, HTML, insert and pdf formats. Users can also import CSV data directly to the database tables. DBHawk parsed input CSV data columns and display column mappings between table columns and uploaded CSV file data columns. After successful import, users can save import as a job and schedule it to run at regular interval.

Online Teradata Column Manager

Database Table Columns Details – Web-based Viewer

SQL Assistant for Teradata supports viewing database table column details.

Teradata Index Client Tool

Database Index Manager

With Teradata Client, users can view index details including index uniqueness, index type, index columns, and index name.

Web-Based Teradata Constraints Manager

Constraints Manager – Web-Based GUI

With Web-Based SQL Client, users can view table constraints details. It displays Constraint name, Type, Constraint columns.

Teradata Database Trigger Manager

Database Table Triggers manager for Teradata

Using web-based Teradata SQL Assistant Workbench, Teradata users can manage database Triggers, can view existing table trigger details

Teradata Object Grants Manager

Database Table Grants Viewer

Teradata Client display current Object’s granted privileges.

Teradata Table DDL Generator

Teradata Table DDL Generator – Web UI

Teradata SQL Client display table DDL with a simple click. A user can generate Table SQL and save SQL.

Teradata Online View Manager

Teradata Web-based View Manager

Using Teradata Client, users can browse view data, filter data, count total rows in a view, get SQL for the view definition, export view data in various formats such as PDF, CSV, and HTML.

Teradata Macros

Teradata Macro with DBHawk

Macros provide a convenient shortcut for executing groups of frequently-run SQL statements. Using Teradata SQL Assistant tool, users can manage Macros. Users can view macro details, modify existing macros, and save SQL.

Teradata Functions

Teradata Functions Viewer with DBHawk

Users can view database function details, modify existing functions, and save SQL.

Teradata Procedures

Teradata Procedure with DBHawk

Users can view database Procedure details, modify existing Procedure, and save SQL

Teradata Query Builder

Web-Based SQL Query Builder for Teradata

DBHawk Teradata Query builder supports building SQL Queries by dragging and dropping database tables from a schema browser to the Query Builder window. With data preview window, users can view data as they build SQL Queries.
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Teradata SQL Editor & History Viewer

Teradata SQL Editor & History Viewer

With Teradata SQL Editor, users can execute SQL queries online. It also Formats SQL queries, enables to View SQL query history.
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Teradata Report Builder

Teradata Report Builder

DBHawk provides ad-hoc SQL report building capabilities. A user can build parameterized report, group by report, summary report and save it in PDF, XLS, XLSX formats.
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Teradata web-based Job Scheduler

Web-based job scheduler for Teradata

DBHawk provides SQL Job Scheduling feature. Using DBHawk Job Scheduler, users can schedule reports or SQL statement to receive results by email or save on the disk.
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Teradata Data Charts and Dashboards

Online Data Charts and Dashboards for Teradata

With Teradata Database BI Tool, users can create various charts, create dashboards and share created charts/dashboards with other users.
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Teradata Client Tools