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If you are using the Teradata database, you may need to consider a sophisticated client tool that can effortlessly conduct data masking to prevent data breaches and leakage. Teradata data masking will convert real data values into false versions to achieve that. If there is an unauthorized query, it will receive values that are similar to the actual ones without arousing suspicion or deliver unreadable data. The more you should consider a Teradata client tool for effective data masking when you have to collaborate with third-party testers and developers, or when you need to let another department access the database with their clients.

DBHawk Teradata data masking
DBHawk Teradata data masking

Teradata data masking will safeguard your database against data leaks. The process can either be dynamic or static, while extracting and duplicating data securely, then stored in another directory. Static masking is recommended if you are sharing data with another company, but you need to make sure that other aspects of the database are monitored and updated in real-time to minimize the risk of threats during data extraction. Dynamic masking occurs only upon request. This time, sensitive data will remain in the database, while the masking tool proxies outbound and inbound queries.

When selecting a Teradata client tool that can mask your database data, consider a platform that is web-based, with an intuitive user interface. It should enable data warehouse developers and business intelligence users to explore database schemas, build SQL and run SQL queries with the SQL query builder, generate SQL reports and scripts, and schedule the reports to allow you to receive the results on your email. The Teradata data masking client comes with other intuitive features for importing and exporting data into PDF, insert, HTML, and CSV formats, or importing CSV data directly into the database tables. It can also deliver advanced database filters on database-view and table data in just a few clicks.


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