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Stay Ahead Of the Curve with Self Service Business Intelligence Tools

Manish Shah

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The importance of business intelligence in the modern corporate setting can never be downplayed. The entire market these days moves like a game of high-speed chess where decisions have to be taken at a lightning-fast pace. As new market players bring innovative products and advertising techniques to the fore, survival becomes critically dependent on information analysis and timely taking of decisions. In such a cut-throat scenario, self-service business intelligence tools become the key to staying ahead of the curve.

Self-service business intelligence tools help by creating a powerful environment wherein information stakeholders can access the BI reports they need, generate and manage data queries and run analytics on their own, without the intervention of IT or coding. This allows the scope of business intelligence to expand over a wide range of enterprise needs and problems while providing users with a personalized and collaborative decision-making environment. The decision makers, therefore, become more self-sufficient and capable of taking quicker decisions without depending on IT professionals to execute their required queries. Some of the features offered by self-service intelligence tools include:

  • Support for data discovery, modeling and customized display
  • Option to extract data from any source including database queries, uploaded files and application connectors.
  • Report generation based on specific requirements
  • Ease of installation, configuration and use, even by non-IT users
  • Multiple options to transform data into useful and meaningful models
  • Compatibility with a wide range of database platforms.
  • Capability to access data in a web based mode, through cloud connectivity
  • Scalability options to make the program grow with the expanding needs of an organization.
  • Business planning, digital boardroom and interactive reporting functionalities

This array of ultra-powerful tools make information accessible in a non-technical, no-coding-needed format is what makes self-service business intelligence such an important resource for enterprises today. This is the missing piece of the puzzle needed to make an organization smarter, faster and more proactive.

Stay Ahead Of the Curve with Self Service Business Intelligence Tools


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