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An online SQL server editor can ease the burden and challenges associated with managing an SQL database. An advanced SQL query editor lets you edit, build, and run SQL queries online from a feature-rich and intuitive browser-based interface. This way, you can boost your efficiency and productivity, even if you lack IT expertise. It is completely based online and it can be loaded in your browser on any operating system (i.e. Linux, Mac, and Windows), so you do not have to worry about installing software or any application on every machine in your workplace.

The online SQL server editor lets you perform the basic functions, like executing SQL queries and running INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, and SELECT statements. The same platform lets you terminate long-running queries, open multiple windows to edit SQL, and open table select statements into the editor simply with a few clicks. The intuitive query editor lets you upload saved queries or save SQL queries, too.

The platform lets you perform advanced actions, like executing multiple SQL queries. Run multiple select statements and leave it to the editor to execute them and display the results in multiple tabs. If you are running multiple UPDATE or INSERT statements, the editor will show the progress for each. In case there is an error, the other statements will continue to run. With a online SQL server editor, you can view how a query was executed or how it will be executed through the query plan and SQL Server execution plans.

A high-end online SQL server editor can format SQL statements to make certain aspects distinct and easier to identify. A history viewer lets you keep track of the SQL history of every user. You can allow users to upload SQL from their local file system into the query editor, or save SQL and download them locally. Likewise, the SQL server editor lets you upload and run SQL in the background, export results, build charts, and group data online.

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