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SQL Server Job Scheduler

A high-end web-based client for Microsoft SQL Server should come with a reliable SQL server job scheduler that will make it easier to manage schedules. With an intuitive user interface, the scheduler lets you arrange reports and configure them to send the results to you via email or save locally on a hard drive. The same platform lets you run SQL queries as a batch, and this can be helpful if you want to automate the workflow across different applications and platforms. It lets you see items that are scheduled to run and when they are running, and up-to-the-minute reports on ongoing jobs will be sent to you. Here are some of the other benefits of using an SQL server job scheduler:

  • Schedule reports and jobs with ease – Schedule an SQL report or query to run at regular intervals. You can configure it to save the report and results in formats like CSV, HTML, and PDF.
  • Schedule repetitive jobs – The job scheduler should make it easier to automate certain jobs and make them run frequently at assigned intervals. Enter repeat interval and control the minimum frequency of the repetition with the minJobRepeatInterval setting to lessen resource-intensive queries. The platform should be able to let you control the time frame of jobs. That way, jobs that are scheduled outside a given time span will not activate. This can be a critical feature if you want to restrict job scheduling, especially if the task will affect the performance of your database at peak hours.
  • Schedule import – The SQL Server scheduler comes with a feature for importing a CSV job. Run a job to insert data from the CSV file to a database at regular intervals.
  • Job scheduler manager – Monitor any scheduled job or edit existing jobs. View information on the next run, first run, and last run time, or start, delete or pause a job from the SQL server job scheduler.
  • Get notified – All users sharing the SQL Server job scheduler will receive notifications for any scheduled job.

Know SQL Server Job Scheduler helps you enhance your schedule management and how to Manage Complex SQL Database Efficiently with the Editor.

How SQL Server Job Scheduler Enhances Your Schedule Management


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