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DBHawk is web-based Microsoft SQL Server Client Tool and web-based alternative to SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

DBHawk is supported with SQL Server database, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Entirely web-based, DBHawk visual SQL query builder allows you to quickly and efficiently create and manage your SQL queries and build a drag and drop database tables. The simplified and intuitive point and click interface enables you to build SQL server database ad hoc and parameterized reports, create online data dashboards and D3 based charts and schedule SQL jobs and reports with just a matter of few clicks!

SQL Server Data Browser

With DBHawk, you can now manage your SQL Server data efficiently. The simplified interface enables you to quickly browse, edit, update, delete and filter your SQL Server table data. View, insert and update your MSSQL binary data and export it into CSV, pdf anHTMLml formats with only a few clicks.

MS SQL Data Editor

DBHawk online data editor allows to create, insert, update, and delete data. Users can also update text and binary data.

SQL Server Query Builder

DBHawk Online Query Builder for SQL Server allows users to build complex SQL queries. Users can build SQL query without writing SQL code.

MS SQL Data Export Data

With DBHawk, users can export table/view data into various formats such as PDF, CSV, HTML and as an insert statement.

MS SQL Data Import Data

With DBHawk, users can import CSV data into database tables. Users can upload CSV file and DBHawk will map table columns with uploaded CSV files automatically. After successful import, DBHawk will allow users to schedule import job to perform automatic import at regular intervals.

Online SQL Server Table Manager

Get full control over your SQL Server Database tables. DBHawk allows you to easily create, rename, drop and truncate tables and provides you with the full set of tools you need to view and alter column details, as well as create new columns, rows, and import csv data. The reporting feature additionally provides you with all the information you need in terms of dependencies and statistics.

SQL Server Index Client Tool

DBHawk SQL Server Index Manager is an innovative and easy-to-use web-based solution that enables you to view, manage and drop table indexes. Create new clustered, non-clustered, primary key or spatial indexes with the point and click interface.

MS SQL Constraints Manager

The point and click interface of DBHawk SQL Server Client Tools enables quick and efficient management of database constraints. The full functionality includes viewing, altering and dropping database constraints, as well as creating new PK, FK, unique and check constraints. Use the DBHawk SQL Server Client tools to enable and disable the SQL Server table constraints.

MSSQL Database Trigger Manager

MSSQL Triggers are similar to stored programs. Triggers on tables get fired during INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE occurs. With DBHawk trigger manager, users can view existing table trigger details, Enable/Disable trigger, drop a trigger. Users can also add a new BEFORE or AFTER events triggers for INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements.

SQL Server Object Grants Manager

Manage your SQL permissions – view SQL Server objects’ permission, grant new permission and drop or revoke DB object permissions, all with a few clicks.

Table Statistics & Dependencies

DBHawk displays current query optimization statistics for a table. DBHawk displays table dependencies information. Users can view dependent objects as well as depends on information.

SQL Server Table DDL Generator

DBHawk display table DDL with a simple click.

MSSQL Client Tools – View Manager

Using DBHawk, users can create a new database view, rename a view, drop a view, count total rows in a view, modify the view, filter view data, view column details. View dependencies. Users can also view triggers attached to the views, grants and get DDL for the views.

SQL Server Synonyms

DBHawk displays database synonyms information. A user can create a new synonym, drop the existing synonym. If a synonym is for Table or view, users can view Synonym data with a simple click. Also, users can view SQL and Save SQL for synonyms.

SQL Server Stored Program Manager

Using DBHawk, users can manage database functions, procedures, triggers, and types. Users can create new Function, New Procedure, New Trigger or New Type. Users can also drop existing stored object, View object dependencies, View and assign grants, get SQL and save SQL.

MSSQL Database Objects Creator

DBHawk makes SQL Server database object creation very easy for developers. With DBHawk intuitive UI, MS-SQL developers can create various database objects such as Database tables, Views, Synonyms, Functions, Procedure, Types, and Triggers.

SQL Server Session Manager

DBHawk provides full control over database session details, DBHawk SQL Server Session Manager allows you to efficiently view session details and session current SQL, as well as kill user sessions.

SQL Server Client – Users, Roles, & Logins

Designed specifically to simplify the management of SQL servers Users, Logins, and roles, DBHawk SQL allows you to view and manage user details. Create, update and drop users with only a few clicks and easily assign database membership to a selected user. DBHawk also enables you to create user logins, change passwords and modify login details, as well as lock, unlock and drop user logins. Get full control over user management with the single most effective SQL Server Role Manager tool – create and manage new database and application roles with just a few clicks.

MSSQL Report Builder

Using DBHawk, SQL Server users can create various reports such as SQL query report, parameterized report, group by reports.

SQL Server Job Scheduler

DBHawk provides SQL Job Scheduling feature. Using DBHawk Job Scheduler, users can schedule reports to receive results by email or save on the disk

MSSQL Online SQL Query Editor

DBHawk provides online database query tool for MSSQL.

SQL Server query execution plans

DBHawk displays SQL Server query execution plan details. MSSQL query execution plans are used to determine query performance analysis and troubleshooting.

MSSQL Client Tools – Charts and Dashboards

Using DBHawk, users can create various charts, create dashboards and share created charts/dashboards with other users.

SQL Server Client – Database Security & Auditing

Single centralized tool to manage all database activities.

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