SQL Client For Mac OS X

DBHawk Features

Web based Database Mac Tool

DBHawk enables users to develop, browse, and administer multiple databases online.
It allows database users to connect Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Amazon RDS, Heroku and other databases through a web browser. Users can browse, manage, and develop database objects such as Tables, Views, Sequences, DB Links, Synonyms, Functions, Procedures, Packages, Triggers, Types etc online.

DBHawk-Zero Trust Database Access
S3 Connection

Mac SQL Tool – Database Object Management

Using DBHawk user can create Tables, View, Sequences etc. User can alter Columns, Tables. Add new indexes to the tables, add or create Primary Key, Foreign Key, Unique Key, Check constraints.

Athena Query Editor

Online Database Administration

Using DBHawk, DBAs can manage databases, Manage Users, Security, Sessions, Storage Etc.

Athena Data Charts

Advances Online SQL Editor

Using DBHawk advanced SQL Query Editor user can execute multiple queries and view results into separate tabs.User can format queries, Cancel Long running queries, View Query History, Create Database Reports in PDF or Excel format, Export results into various formats, Save SQL Queries or upload queries. User can also apply various functions on result sets to do further analysis.

Browse Athena Data

Online SQL And Access Auditing

DBHawk provides advanced auditing capability. It logs all users connections SQL queries into log files for database auditing purpose.

View Athena Table Details

Online Table Data Editor 

DBHawk provides advanced capability to manage table data. User can create new row, delete row, duplicate row or edit existing row.

Export data to S3

Visual SQL Query Builder

DBHawk visual SQL Query Builder makes building SQL queries easy. 

Many Databases, Single Tool, No Client Software

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