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Apache Cassandra provides high data availability without a single point of failure while ensuring data distribution across data centers and linear scale performance. If you’re using this NoSQL distributed database, you may need a reliable, secure, and versatile Cassandra GUI client and query tool to access it more securely. It's a solution with the platform’s browser, table data filter, SQL query editor, and other essential features to effectively access your data anywhere from any device with a browser.

DBHawk is currently among proven trustworthy GUI clients and query tools for Cassandra. It also has the table column viewer, dashboard builder, data snippets, table SQL viewer, and data export tools you need for productivity. The Zero Trust database access helps prevent data breaches more effectively with centralized security that gives insights and enables audits on every user’s database activities. Here are more features that simplify Cassandra GUI access:

Connect to the database with ease

Using a hostname, username, password, and port, you can connect to your Cassandra database with the GUI. Once connected, you can start using the query editor to write and run various queries, create SQL snippets, and allow secure query access to other users. The SQL share feature lets users share SQL/CQL queries with others.

Build Cassandra charts and dashboards

DBHawk has charts and dashboard builders that let users run SQL queries, build live data dashboards, create various data visualizations, and share their dashboards with other users. Use the visual data browser to browse and filter data with the built-in data filter. You can view the Athena table definition and generate SQL DDL for the table using the SQL generator and table columns viewer.

Export data

DBHawk’s Cassandra GUI has an export tool for exporting data from the NoSQL distributed database into various formats, such as Excel spreadsheets, delimited files, PDFs, and HTML. It’s possible to store data directly in AWS S3, too.

Learn more about DBHawk by requesting a demo. You can also sign up to try the Cassandra GUI for free to discover more benefits from the solution.

DBHawk – Simplifies Cassandra GUI Access


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