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Scheduling SQL server jobs can take the burden out of manual work. Having an efficient and well-designed job scheduler can be handy when it comes to batch scheduling. Advanced SQL server clients come with web-based job schedulers to let you schedule reports that which will be saved on your disk or emailed to you. An SQL job scheduler should let you schedule SQL batch jobs from an intuitive online interface in your browser. The automated workflow works across many different SQL applications and platforms. Here is a more detailed look at the benefits of an SQL server job scheduler:

  • Schedule repetitive jobs – A job scheduler eliminates the need to manually schedule jobs that must run frequently at intervals. It lets you pick formats for repetitive jobs, control the minimum repeat frequency, and reduce resource-intensive queries several times. There are tools that can control the time frame for the job run, too, so you can be sure that jobs that are not depicted for that time will never run. This function is crucial for restricting certain jobs that may affect the performance of the database during peak hours.
  • Job notifications – High-end job schedulers send notifications to users for a scheduled job, so you know exactly when it is running or when it ran.
  • Schedule the import CSV job – Some tools come with an import job scheduler, which lets you run jobs to insert data from CSV files to the database table regularly at intervals.
  • Audit jobs – All SQL jobs are logged, so you can retrieve the detailed history for auditing purposes.

When choosing an  SQL job scheduler, be sure to look for one that is designed in a manner that can help you achieve load and failover balancing easily. The most advanced job module can be deployed in a clustered server environment as a separate web module to address load balancing and enterprise class failover.

Schedule Management with SQL Server Job Scheduler


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