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Businesses worldwide invest capital in and maintain huge information databases to help the decision-makers make the right decisions in driving the company towards success. Data, by nature, is fragile and vital at the same time. It is important to control this data, to be able to modify it and have access to it when required – which is why SQL was developed. This programming language allows programmers to efficiently build, edit and run database queries. So, why do we require SQL editor tool? There are many operations in a SQL interface that are made easier by having SQL editor tools handy. Here is a list of reasons we need SQL editor tools.

SQL deals with data in tables and commands are centered on this fact. In case a programmer separately needs to work with a certain table statement exclusively, the SQL editor tool provides a SELECT command to enable such accessibility. Alternatively, SQL editors may also have exclusive buttons somewhere on the window to enable this function.

There are certain queries in SQL that need to run longer than others. The nature of the data and commands under execution of such queries requires time – which creates long-running queries. If the need arises to locate these long-running queries and cancel them, the need for quick-access tools arises here. SQL editor tools provide the function of canceling these long-running queries, which makes data management and control that much easier.

SQL editors make it extremely easy for the users to write and save SQL queries elsewhere and upload them later onto the editor interface. Users are also provided with the convenience of saving the SQL queries through the editor tool.

The highly sought-after and time-saving feature of auto-completion in SQL editor allows the users to quickly write SQL queries. It also empowers them to join this data with multiple tables.

The basic features required to effectively write a SQL query, for example, cut, copy, paste, etc., are made available through SQL editor. Advanced features that make result viewing easier, like sort, filter, grouping, etc. are also available in SQL editor.

SQL editor tool is a great convenience and is highly functional. Your overall SQL experience would be raised one bar higher using the SQL editor tools.

About the Author:

This article is written by the CTO of Datasparc Inc. Datasparc Inc. is an online web-based SQL tool & database reporting software provider. They offer DBHawk™ – a web-based SQL tool & database reporting software designed for Oracle, SQL Server and other databases.

Why Do We Require SQL Editor Tool?


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