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Your organization can produce a lot of data daily, and it makes good sense to protect it at all costs. Without proper database security and auditing, your organization could be at risk of data loss, which can be caused by operator error, hardware failure, or theft. High-end database auditing and security solutions provide a smarter way to monitor users and database operations. Reliable database security and auditing aim to control the security of information to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of all databases.

Keep in mind that database systems are constantly at risk for security issues and breaches. Without the right security and auditing solution, you could be unknowingly letting hackers and attackers see your most critical business data or information about your organization. Effective database security and auditing platforms should be able to monitor help you manage other security risks, such as malware, corrupt data, loss of data, and a buggy program. Malware can enter your database and enable attackers or third-party users to access the database to damage or delete your programs and personal or proprietary data and cause important information to be disclosed or leaked to unauthorized individuals.

Some types of malware may deny access to the database, interrupt your work process, cause downtime in your productivity, and attack other databases. Database security and auditing should be able to protect data integrity by enabling you to monitor invalid data commands and the processes involved in system administration. Auditing your database is an important aspect of database security, as it lets you track SQL activities and database access securely. It may help find design flaws and programming bugs that could make your database vulnerable to data corruption, loss, and performance degradation.

Database security and auditing do not have to be challenging and time-consuming when you have a centralized tool that can let you do both. The best database security platforms come with an intuitive and web-based user interface to enable auditors and database managers to easily perform their duties from a browser. Consider a platform that can work with any database software like MySQL, SAP HANA, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Teradata, and Netezza.

learn why proper database security and auditing is important for your organization and also the benefits of SQL builder the online SQL server editor.

Protect Data Integrity with Database Security and Auditing


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