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Web-based PostgreSQL Client and Reporting Tool

Amazon Redshift is massive parallel processing (MPP) data-warehousing database built on PostgreSQL based technology. It offers a fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud.

DBHawk is a PostgreSQL Client. It’s intuitive web-based graphical interface and rich features make database development and SQL analytics job easy. DBHawk users can use PostgreSQL query builder to build SQL queries, build SQL reports, Schedule reports, build online data dashboards, build D3 based charts, Schedule SQL jobs and receive results by emails – all with point and click simplicity. DBHawk works on OSX, Linux and Windows machines with any modern browser.

PostgreSQL Online Data Browser

DBHawk supports full database browsing capabilities. Users can view Postgres table data, edit table data, insert new data, update data, delete data. A user can also create a duplicate row and update values.

PostgreSQL Web Client Data Filter

DBHawk provides advanced database filter on the table and view data. With simple clicks, users can apply table data where condition and order by conditions to filter table and view data.

Postgres web client – Export/Import Data

Using DBHawk, users can export table data, SQL Query results data, view data into HTML, CSV, Excel, PDF formats. Users can save exported data to local disk or directly to Amazon S3 storage. Using DBHawk import CSV feature, users can import CSV data into database tables.

Postgres Data Editor

DBHawk provides intuitive UI to update, insert and delete data stored in Postgres tables.

Postgres Table Manager

Using DBHawk, users can create a new table, drop a table, count total rows in a table, Truncate table data, view column details.

PostgreSQL View Manager

Using DBHawk, users can create a new view, drop a view, count total rows in a view, filter view data, view column details with all simple clicks and intuitive online UI.

PostgreSQL Web Client for Database Columns

Using DBHawk, users can view column details, alter database columns, add new columns.

Postgres Index Manager

Using DBHawk, users can view index details including index uniqueness, index type, index columns. Users can also add new with a new index screen and preview SQL prior to creating an index.
A user can drop the existing index.

Postgres Constraints Manager

SQL constraints are used to specify rules for the data in a table. Using DBHawk, users can view constraints details including constraint type, constraints columns. Users can add new Primary key, foreign key, and Unique key constraints through web-based UI.
Users can drop a constraint.

Postgres Online Trigger Manager

Using DBHawk, users can view trigger details including trigger type, trigger events. Users can also add a new trigger with a new trigger screen and preview SQL prior to creating a trigger.
Users can drop the trigger.

Postgres Grant List

Using DBHawk, users can view table grants details including Grantor, Privilege, Grantee, and Grantable.

Postgres Stored Programs Manager

PostgreSQL allows you to extend the database functionality with user-defined functions by using various procedural languages, which often referred to as stored procedures.
Using DBHawk, users can manage database functions, and triggers. A user can add new Function, modify existing PL/pgSQL Function. DBHawk online code editor includes syntax highlighting, find, replace, replace all features.

PostgreSQL Query Builder

DBHawk PostgreSQL Query Builder allows users to build complex SQL Queries. To create SQL select statements, simply drag and drop database tables from a schema browser to the SQL query builder. DBHawk will automatically build join conditions based on a Foreign key and primary key between two tables. With the data preview window, users can view data as they build SQL Queries.
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Postgres SQL Editor & History Viewer

Using DBHawk web-based SQL Editor, users can execute SQL queries online. It also Formats SQL queries, enables to View SQL query history.
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PostgreSQL Report Builder

DBHawk provides ad-hoc SQL report building capabilities. A user can build parameterized report, group by report, summary report and save it in PDF, XLS, XLSX formats.
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Postgres web-based job scheduler

DBHawk provides SQL Job Scheduling feature. Using DBHawk Job Scheduler, users can schedule reports or SQL statement to receive results by email or save on the disk
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Postgres Data Charts and Dashboards

Using DBHawk, users can create various charts, create dashboards and share created charts/dashboards with other users.
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PostgreSQL Users Management

DBHawk allows managing PostgreSQL users. Admin/developer can create new user, modify existing PostgreSQL user, drop a user.

Online PostgreSQL Sequence Manager

DBHawk allows managing PostgreSQL Sequences. User can view sequence details, and create a new sequence.

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