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Oracle SQL is not exactly the most exciting subject to learn. Teaching it using traditional methods can be challenging. You might spot a few trainees dozing off, and you yourself might even get bored with your own lecture!

Why not make things more engaging and interactive by implementing an Oracle SQL online training program? Going online might save you and your school or training institute a lot of time and money down the line. A web-based Oracle SQL client is accessible from any modern web browser. There is no need to install any software on each computer, and you can get started right away!


Oracle SQL trainees will find the online-based client easy and intuitive to use, especially if they’re new to learning code. Using the visual SQL builder, they can drag and drop database tables, build database ad hoc reports and parameterized reports, SQL queries, data dashboards, and schedule reports. It will also be easier to build D3 based charts.

A better alternative to traditional tools

If you have been using Oracle Application Express (APEX), you might as well consider an Oracle SQL online client for more flexibility. Your trainees may even find it more practical and simpler for browsing databases and editing data. The web-based constraints manager is web-based, so users can view constraint status, type, name, columns, and other details from their browser, and explore information like ‘delete rule’, ‘reference owner’, and ‘last changed’.

Some of the best Oracle online GUIs also come with the table DDL generator and a dependencies and referential viewer. With granted privilege, users can execute a SQL statement with the object of another user because of the Object Grants Manager feature. The Oracle SQL online tool can let your trainees view existing table trigger details and add new BEFORE or AFTER event triggers for DELETE, UPDATE, and INSERT statements!


Interactive and Engaging Oracle SQL Online Training to Keep Trainees Awake


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