Oracle SQL Developer -Web Based

Oracle SQL Developer and database reporting software. It allows Oracle SQL developers, DBAs and SQL BI Users to manage, develop Oracle databases through a web browser. Users do not require to install any Oracle SQL Developer on their machine.

DBHawk Web Based Oracle SQL Developer

DBHawk Oracle Database Features: Oracle SQL online developer can use visual SQL query builder to drag and drop database tables, build SQL queries, build Oracle database ad hoc reports, parameterized reports, online data dashboards, Schedule reports – all with point and click simplicity and database security. SQL users can build D3 based charts. Its a better alternative for Oracle Application Express (APEX) users. Like APEX, it does not require to build a plsql based solution.

DBHawk Oracle online SQL Developer Key Features

Oracle Data Browser/Editor

Browse, edit, update, delete, insert,
filter database table data.
View, insert, update Oracle blob & clob data.
Export data into csv, pdf, html format.

Manage Oracle Database Objects

Create, alter database tables, views,
synonyms, db links, functions, procedure,
packages, triggers, sequences, types,
libraries, directories, materialized views.

Oracle Database Tables

Create, rename, drop, truncate tables.
View, alter column details, add new
columns, count rows, import csv data.
View dependencies & referential relationship.

Oracle Index Manager

View, alter, drop table indexes.
Create new unique, non-unique, bitmap indexes.

Oracle Constraint Manager

View, alter, drop database constraints.
Create new PK, FK, unique, check
constraints. Enable, disable oracle constraints.

Oracle Grants Manager

View object permissions.
Grant new permissions.
Drop/revoke object permissions.

Oracle DBA Tools Key Features

Web Based Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle Session & Monitoring

View, kill, trace oracle sessions.
View IO, wait, statistics,
object locks, blocking locks.
Monitor top SQL, processes,
long running operations,
parameters, v$sessions.

Oracle Security Manager

View, lock, unlock, clone,
create new, alter, drop
oracle user.
Change user’s password.
Assign privileges and
roles to user, create new
oracle role, view profile details.

Oracle Storage Manger

View, alter, add new data files.
View datafiles usage graph.
View, alter, add new tablespaces.
View tablespace usage graph.

Oracle SQL Developer Tools