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Oracle Client Tools: How It’s an Important Tool for Businesses

Manish Shah

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Oracle is already a convenient platform in itself, especially for online transaction processing, mixed database workloads, and data warehousing. However, its features can be maximized further with the right Oracle client tools. Some of the best tools will make it easier to access your database from a web browser, without installing any software on all your computers. So, they promote flexibility and enables a more natural way to collaborate with every user in your business.

Here are more reasons why an Oracle client tool can be crucial to businesses:

  • Manage and create databases in an instant – All you need is a web browser to manage and develop Oracle databases. This way, Oracle client tools are practical to DBAs, SQL, business intelligence users, and developers. Managers will find it easier to audit SQL activities. Full online database browsing capabilities enable simplified viewing of database table data and other functions like counting the total rows in a table and filter data.
  • Data editor and export/import data – Efficient Oracle client tools come with an online data editor that lets you insert, update, delete, and create data, and update clob or blob data. An online export data feature enables the exporting of table data into formats like PDF, insert, HTML, and CSV, or directly into the tables. The import can be saved as a job to be scheduled to activate at regular intervals.
  • Column manager and index client tool – Oracle table column details can be viewed, and it is easier to add new columns or alter table columns. Table indexes enable table data search more efficiently.
  • Constraints and trigger managers – The web-based Oracle client tools include a constraints manager that lets you manage and edit the rules that are enforced on a table’s data columns. With the trigger manager, you can use Oracle triggers to view existing table trigger details and object dependencies, drop a trigger, and disable or enable a trigger.
Oracle Client Tools: How It’s an Important Tool for Businesses


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