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If you use Oracle database, Oracle Apex allows browser-based application development.

There are various issues with Oracle Application Express. It lacks advanced features. It is heavily dependent on Oracle database and required PL/SQL and Oracle XML DB-based installation. It adds the unnecessary load on a database for processing, disk, and memory. Usually, better design is to use databases for storing data and keeping applications logic outside the database.

DBHawk is a web-based Oracle Apex Alternative.

Oracle Apex Alternative-DBHawk

Oracle Apex Alternative-DBHawk

You can install DBHawk outside Oracle database without any database dependency.
It runs with Tomcat and works with Linux, Windows and MacOS operating systems.

With DBHawk web-based architecture and advanced features such as Oracle SQL Editor, Oracle Query builder, Oracle SQL Charts builder, application developers can create various database reports, charts, dashboards with few drags and drops. It supports advanced Oracle data grid to browse and view data including different database column selections, data sorting, data filter, etc. With DBHawk, application users can directly import data from CSV or Microsoft Excel files. DBHawk supports advanced data caching to deal with large datasets in MB or GBs. Users can browse data with data pagination, or row by row. DBHawk provides Oracle data editor to edit data, add new data row or delete a row.

DBHawk provides Object Access Control database security feature to restrict and grant access to only selected Oracle database objects.
DBHawk also provides read-only database access to prevent users from changing any data.

DBHawk provides Oracle report builder. Users can build queries, run Online SQL queries, view results and create reports. Users can choose to receive report output by email to store on the server under user directory and get notifications. This feature makes repetitive tasks easy for Oracle users.

DBHawk online query editor provides SQL Share feature. With SQL sharing feature, users can name and store their SQL queries, or share with their co-developers and the team.

With DBHawk advanced dashboards, now users can build beautiful responsive live data dashboards. Users can view Oracle dashboards on web-browse, mobile devices or with tablets.

DBHawk runs with Tomcat server, and users can deploy DBHawk on the cloud or on-premises in less than 10 minutes.

Request your free trial today to see how DBHawk is a better solution than Oracle Application Express for development and web-based data access.


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