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A web-based SQL server editor may be just what you need for an easier way to access and manage your database. An online SQL server editor is an innovative tool that you can access from your browser, so it saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to install additional software. It can be an alternative to SQL SSRS as it supports major databases like Azure SQL data warehouse, Azure SQL database, and SQL server database.

A fully web-based configuration allows you to efficiently and quickly build and manage SQL queries via drag-and-drop. An intuitive and simplified point-and-click interface lets you place database tables and create custom parameterized reports and server database ad hoc. Likewise, it lets you create D3-based charts and online data dashboards, and schedule SQL reports and jobs in a few clicks. This lets you save time compared to when you have to do everything manually.

An SQL server data browser lets you manage the server data more efficiently from a simple interface. There, you can quickly edit, delete, filter, update, and browse SQL server table data, or insert, update, and view MSSQL binary data and export it as HTML, PDF, or CSV in a few easy steps. The best online SQL server editor comes with an MS SQL data editor and an SQL server query builder, which lets you build queries without any SQL code.

When choosing an online SQL server editor, make sure that it lets you import CSV data to be used in database tables. That way, you can upload CSV files and the software will map the table columns automatically with the CSV file. From there, you can schedule imports to optimize the performance at regular intervals. A good online SQL server editor should come with an SQL server index client tool, MS SQL constraints and MSSQL database trigger managers, and an SQL server objects grants manager.

Online SQL Server Editor – An Innovative Software to Access and Manage Your Database


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