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In today’s fast-paced business world, IT departments no longer play a behind-the-scenes supportive role in ensuring enterprise success and operational smoothness. These functions are now integral to developing and executing strategy, making modern IT a partner in business growth. This directly implies that IT departments can no longer be tasked with mundane operational requirements such as data extraction and analysis. The responsibility to handle all of that now befalls on decision-makers and managers, who may or may not possess the requisite coding knowledge to handle complex database queries. It is for these people that Query Builder have been developed – allowing users to conveniently drag and drop queries in an intuitive visual interface without the need to use a code in any form.

Drag and Drop SQL Query Builder

DBHawk visual SQL query builder

The entire option of dragging and dropping queries is extremely efficient. It allows users to build and modify queries by dragging tables directly from the schema database tree, choose query output columns, set up grouping and data sorting criteria and execute advanced server specific clauses in a visual interface. They allow users to build queries, SQL expressions, aggregate functions and perform various other data analysis and access functions for requisite report generation without the need to type in even a single line of code. The entire system is visually driven with graphics tools that allow users to drag and drop tables into the query builder. The option to open and work on multiple tabs simultaneously is also available so that users can work on different query builders at the same time. Live data preview is also available along with the facility to sort data, apply filter conditions and perform other display functions.

Online SQL query builders allow the non-IT stakeholders of a business enterprise to harness the power of data. These programs are compatible with various database forms including PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Hive, Amazon Redshift and many more. So much functionality without the need to know coding – no wonder online SQL query builders are garnering such huge popularity in the market!


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