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Netezza is the data warehouse application developed by IBM, and it provides massively parallel processing (MPP) data processing, which many companies depend on to process and analyze big data quickly. In fact, it can be made faster with a range of S-Blades. If you are using this platform, you may want to consider an online Netezza SQL database query and analytics tool that supports all its data, while enabling you to access and do all your work remotely from a web browser. This way, you have a flexible database and analytics platform that is not limited as an on-premise solution.

The right Netezza SQL database query and analytics tool supports all of Netezza’s database features, including querying and browsing database tables data, insert, update, and delete data, and applying various filters. The editor lets you run SQL queries, create data charts, and make database reports. The client tool offers system catalog views to provide information on indexes, functions, tables, and users. Using a data browser, you can view all those details in a single click. Procedure view is a feature that is specifically designed for Netezza, and it lets you save SQL and modify an existing procedure.

An online Netezza SQL query builder provides drag-and-drop convenience for building queries. You can drag tables to a query builder, and the platform automatically creates the queries. This way, you can save a lot of time and effort, and you do not have to write any code. There are tools for building reports and scheduling jobs, too. With that, you can create parameterized reports, group them, create summaries, and save them in formats like XLSX and PDF. Once you have created the reports, you can schedule the job to run them at regular intervals, so you do not have to perform repetitive tasks, and get reports more often by email.

If you are not sure about using a Netezza SQL query builder and analytics tool, consider signing up for a free trial to experience all its features by yourself. You can request a live demo from the platform’s developer, too.

Online Netezza Database Query and Analytics Tool


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