Netezza SQL Client Tool

DBHawk provides web-based SQL client tool for IBM Netezza Database.

Netezza SQL Client
DBHawk Features For Netezza Database

Netezza is a data warehouse appliance from IBM. It provides MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) data processing. It’s been used by many companies to analyze and process big data with fast performance. It does this faster processing with an array of S-Blades.

DBHawk supports major Netezza database features including browsing and querying database tables data, applying a various filter, insert, update, delete the data. DBHawk Netezza SQL Editor allows to run SQL Queries, create database reports, create data charts.

Netezza System Catalog Views

Netezza System Catalog views

Netezza performance server system has many system catalog views. These system catalog views help to information about the users, tables, indexes, functions etc. DBHawk provides data browsers for all these system catalog views. A user can click and view details.

Netezza Procedures

DBHawk Netezza Procedure Feature

DBHawk provides Procedure view for Netezza. It allows users to modify existing Procedure, and save SQL.

Netezza SQL Query Builder

Netezza SQL Query Builder

DBHawk Netezza SQL Query builder provides drag and drops way to build SQL Queries. Users can drag tables to the query builder and DBHawk automatically builds queries.
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Netezza SQL Report Builder

Netezza Report Builder and Job Scheduler

A user can build parameterized report, group by report, summary report and save it in PDF, XLS, XLSX formats. After creating reports, users can schedule a job to run created reports at regular interval. This is a very handy feature for power SQL users, who needs to run queries and receives reports by emails very often.
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Netezza SQL Client - JDBC Connection

How to connect to Netezza using JDBC driver

DBHawk does not include Netezza JDBC driver. Copy Netezza JDBC driver(nzjdbc.jar) to \webapps\dbhawk\WEB-INF\lib directory.
Choose “GENERIC” database type from a drop-down list
Enter driver class as org.netezza.Driver
e.g. JDBC:Netezza://localhost:5480/inza
By default all Netezza connections are auto-committed. All transactions are automatically committed to the database.

Netezza SQL Client