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Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) is the platform of applications and technology that provides your business with all the tools you will need for reporting, analysis, query, mobile analytics, data management and integration, and alerts. To make it more flexible and effective, you will need to consider a third-party tool that is compatible with it. A good self-service Oracle BI reporting tool comes with features that define data access policy, while enabling you to build data dashboards and SQL charts and connect to several data sources.

The Oracle BI reporting tool empowers business analysts to become more efficient in fulfilling various BI requests. Using that, they can independently create dashboards, charts, and data reports, and do other important tasks without relying on your IT team. This way, the IT department will only have to worry about security and access to data, as business analysts are already capable of connecting quickly to the data sources that they need. A self-service reporting tool will be practical for writing and building SQL queries, generating dashboards, charts, and reports, and sharing those with others to enable faster and informed decision making.

Self-service business intelligence makes sense to a business that wants to free up resources and save time. With the Oracle BI reporting tool, business analysts can use a comprehensive ad-hoc reporting solution, while the IT team creates the data access control policy that will enable quick data access to users. Ad-Hoc data dashboards and SQL charts can be created quickly through an all-in-one Oracle BI and database management platform, even if the user has limited SQL knowledge. This is because of the intuitive interface that promotes point-and-click simplicity for all activities, like viewing the data browser, managing database data, and building SQL queries.

An Oracle BI reporting tool enables secure and simple collaboration with other users within the business. Ad-hoc reports, dashboards, and d3 based charts can be shared via links or email, and everyone involved can use a responsive dashboard that lets them explore dashboards from their mobile device or browser.

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