Web Based MSSQL Client

DBHawk is web based MSSQL client. DBHawk is a SQL Service Reporting Service (SSRS) alternative with better pricing and everything included in a single tool.

DBHawk MSSQL client

DBHawk SQL Server Features: MSSQL developers can use visual SQL query builder to drag and drop database tables, build SQL queries, build SQL Server database ad hoc reports, parameterized reports, online data dashboards, build D3 based charts, Schedule SQL Jobs & reports – all with point and click simplicity and database security.

DBHawk MSSQL client Features

SQL Server Data Browser/Editor

Browse, edit, update, delete, insert, and filter SQL Server table data. View, insert, update MSSQL binary data. Export data into csv, pdf, and html format.

Manage SQL Server Database Objects

Create and alter MSSQL tables, views, synonyms, functions, procedures, triggers and database types.

SQL Server Database Tables

Create, rename, drop, and truncate tables. View, alter column details, add new columns, count rows, and import csv data. View dependencies and statistics.

SQL Server Index Manager

View, alter, drop table indexes. Create new Clustered, Non-Clustered, Primary XML, and spatial indexes.

MSSQL Constraint Manager

View, alter, drop database constraints. Create new PK, FK, unique, and check constraints. Enable and disable SQL Server table constraints.

MSSQL Grants Manager

View SQL Server objects’ permission. Grant new permissions. Drop/revoke db object permissions.


  • Web Based SQL Tools | DBHawk Query Builder
  • SQL Server Query Editor
  • SQL Server User-Login Manager
  • DBHawk web reporting software
  • Report Schedule Server

SQL Server Visual Query Builder

Intuitive web based interface. Design SQL Queries with drag and drop. Learn more..

Advanced SQL Query Editor

Execute/Format SQL queries. View SQL Execution plan. Learn more..

SQL Server Session Manager

View session details. View session current SQL. Kill user sessions.

SQL Server Reporting Tool

Drag and Drop Report Designer. Create D3 based charts/dashboards. Learn more..

SQL Server Job Scheduler

Schedule SQL jobs with an intuitive web UI. Schedule recurring SQL jobs. Learn more..

SQL Server User, Login and Role Manager

View user details. Create new users. Update, drop users. Assign database membership to user. Create user login. Change login password. Modify login details. Drop user login. Lock/Unlock user login. Create new database role, application role. View, update, drop existing roles.

MSSQL client