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SQL database management used to be plausible only with a specific type of software on a single computer, but DBHawk’s data Editor changed the game. With DBHawk editor, it is now possible to build, run, and edit online SQL queries using a feature-rich and intuitive interface. The editor is designed to simplify database analysis to increase your productivity. DBHawk SQL editor is currently the leading cutting-edge web-based platform, which you can access from any browser. Hence, you do not have to worry about installing software on every computer where you intend to manage your SQL database. Best of all, it is easy to learn and use, even if you lack IT expertise. Here is an overview of some of the remarkable features of the online SQL editor of DBHawk:

  • SQL editor – Execute SQL queries, run INSERT, SELECT, DELETE, or UPDATE statements, cancel long-running queries, open multiple editor windows or table select statements into the editor, or save or upload SQL queries to the editor.
  • SQL Server execution or explain plans – The query plan provides insight on how the query was executed or how it will be executed. The information can be crucial for auditing or troubleshooting performance issues. DBHawk can display the Oracle SQL Explain plan explaining the execution details, and query execution plans will be displayed for the SQL server.
  • Multiple statement execution – DBHawk online SQL editor lets you execute several queries simultaneously. You can run multiple SELECT statements and leave it to the platform to execute them and display their respective results on multiple tabs.
  • Formatter – Format SQL queries with color syntax highlights, not only to make them aesthetically pleasing but to make them easier to scan or browse.
  • History viewer – Using DBHawk, you can review the SQL history of users and previous SQL runs. It lets you sort the data by SQL query or run time.
Manage SQL without Installing Any Software With DBHawk Editor


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