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Best Web-Based Mac SQL Client

Best Web-Based Mac SQL Client

Apple Macintosh boxes are excellent for programming use, as many an experienced developer who prefers working on a Mac will essentially tell you. If you’re an aspiring programmer who doesn’t want to use Linux or Windows in place of your Mac, you will find this assertion heartening.

There might be a problem, though, when you’re working on various database platforms. For example, if you have a program running on SQL Server and another running on MySQL, you’ll often have one tool that supports Mac for performing SQL programming on one platform and another tool for the other database.

The above situation is far from ideal since it might require shifting from one tool to another. Worse, substantial licensing costs may be required for both tools.
The problem is compounded when you have a mix of SQL and NoSQL databases, or when you have a standalone database for one program, then another program running on a cloud-based database, such as Amazon Redshift. In this case, you’ll have to contend with having many tools for different databases.

DBHawk – Best SQL client for Mac OS X

The ideal solution, in this case, is to have a single Best SQL Client for Mac that can connect to different database platforms. This is where a web-based SQL tool, such as DBHawk, from Datasparc, comes in. You only have to run your favorite web browser, log on to DBHawk, then connect to your various databases, after which you can create tables, load data, and build SQL queries.

Aside from managing your different databases, you can also visualize your data using reports and charts and create a dashboard since DBHawk is not only a Mac SQL client and a database management platform but a business intelligence tool as well. All these operations are done using mere point-and-click. DBHawk is a complete tool, so to speak.

To run DBHawk on your own web server, all you have to do is install it on the server, a step that doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. The web server must have Apache Tomcat and Java 1.8 installed. Hardware requirements are minimal, too – recommended specs for a server that can be accessed by 25 DBHawk users is a minimum 8GB of RAM and 25GB disk space.

DBHawk offers support for various databases, including Amazon Redshift, Greenplum, MongoDB, MySQL, Netezza, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP Hana, SQL Server, and Teradata. In general, you should be able to connect to any JDBC-compliant database.

DBHawk is the jack-of-all-trades, Best SQL Client for Mac solution that is required to solve your problem when working on diverse databases.


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