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SQL may be one of the oldest coding languages, but it is still widely used and remains popular to this day. In fact, many developers still use it. However, given its age, you might have noticed a few quirks along the way, such as repetitive expressions and cumbersome syntax. To simplify the process, the SQL query builder was born. Today, there are many options in SQL query builders that should make it easier to code by applying visual elements. Visually building queries has helped seasoned and novice developers simplify and speed up the process of querying data.

That said, not every SQL query builder is alike, and despite advancements, even the best ones will still have some limitations. Knowing these limitations can help you make an informed choice when picking the right platform that will suit your needs. Here they are in no particular order:

It cannot completely replace SQL

To query relational databases, you will have to use SQL. The same principle applies if you have to pull data from those databases. So, the SQL query builder shouldn’t be considered as a full replacement to SQL. Remember that the visual elements will help you build and automatically generate the query, but it should be easy to edit and access the code.

Some platforms are not newbie-friendly

As you explore the range of visual SQL query builders, you might find that some are not exactly the best for novices and intermediate users. A good platform should be able to help SQL newbies, too. Remember that it should make building queries possible and easier for everyone by eliminating the need to write a line of code.

Good SQL knowledge, required

The SQL query builder still requires users to account for the database’s capabilities and structures, and be able to understand them. That means a fairly sufficient grasp of SQL is necessary, and that knowledge and familiarity with syntax is still essential.


Know the Limitations of SQL Query Builder


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