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Oracle SQL developers, SQL BI users, and database administrators can manage and develop databases easily and conveniently with an Oracle database query tool, an intuitive platform that runs on a web browser. Using that tool, database managers and developers can easily manage their databases and build complex queries without writing a line of code. Likewise, it eliminates the need to hire additional manpower for database access, and empowers Oracle database managers when auditing SQL activities. Here are some of the basic things you should know about a good database query tool that can serve as an alternative to Oracle’s own client tools:

  • No need to install an Oracle client – Other query tools require you to install an app or a software on each computer that will access your organization’s database. With a web-based Oracle database query tool, you do not have to buy software and install it on every machine in your office. Likewise, it eliminates the need to pay for several software licenses, which can get expensive in the long run.
  • Use the intuitive user interface – Use your favorite browser to securely access your database using the query tool. The visual tool lets you create complex queries for all databases with a few clicks and without the need for coding.
  • Versatile interface – The Oracle database query tool lets you conduct SQL expression, open a built query into the editor for formatting or execution, and apply SQL aggregate functions.
  • View data in real-time – Using live data preview, you can apply any filter conditions or sort results and deselect or select columns in real-time. You may export data from the preview window into different formats, like CSV, HTML, and PDF, too, or export it to a cloud or external storage platform.
  • Free trial – As long as you get the tool from a reputable provider, you can try it for free within a reasonable period. That way, you can fully explore the features of the Oracle database query tool and find out how it can benefit your business.
Know the Basics of Oracle Database Query Tool


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