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They say better decision making requires better data – a fact that happens to be even more relevant and meaningful in the world of business where even the tiniest scrap of information can end up being a game changer in the market. This is where business intelligence takes up an important role in overall enterprise decision making, turning data generated from various sources into valuable information and actionable insights that can help a decision maker steer their enterprise in the right direction. Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools are cutting edge digital solutions that are designed to logically help provide business stakeholders with the right data in the format that is right and conducive to faster decision making. With SQL Server, Azure Analysis and Power BI, this set of tools provide the logical extension that users need to take their data analysis to the next level of usefulness.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools help transform your data into powerful, interactive, intuitive and scalable models that facilitate decision making and provide quick and easy to follow insights to stakeholders who need it

Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools help users access data in a variable access format – providing active connectivity to databases of any size, whether they be in-cloud or maintained on-premises. No data movement is required in this form of company information environment.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools help provides information and insights to users in a wide variety of formats. BI sharing is possible here on the web, on mobile devices as well as through custom applications, which essentially means users will always be connected to the data they need from just about anywhere.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools help generates quick and interactive reports that can better present your data in an actionable and visually striking manner. Rich and interactive reporting for better analysis are easily possible with Microsoft BI tools.

In today’s information-centric corporate environment, you need the power of Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools to give you the competitive edge necessary to be a market leader. This is one bandwagon that you need to hop onboard!

Introducing Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools


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