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SAP HANA is one of those versatile database solutions can be deployed on-premise or in a cloud. It is considered a revolutionary in-memory data platform that is suitable for deploying and developing real-time applications and for performing real-time analytics. SAP HANA tools are alternatives to SAP HANA Cockpit, and in some cases, they are more advanced and capable of helping you make the most of your database, whether it is on-premise or hosted in a cloud. One of the best SAP HANA tools is web-based, which means you do not have to install anything on your computer and you can access your database directly from a browser. It comes with an advanced SQL editor, visual query builder, report builder, and job scheduler, all of which can be accessed from an intuitive web-based UI. Here’s how to use SAP HANA tools:

  • Using the data browser – The best tools support the SAP HANA database browsing feature that lets you filter data, view database table data, and count the total number of rows in a certain table. Use it like how you would use the data browser in the actual platform.
  • Data editor – Create, update, insert, or delete data just like you would on SAP HANA, but this time, you can do it on an online data editor.
  • Table data filter – Some SAP HANA tools come with unique features that can make it easier to filter view data and table data in a few simple clicks. Use it to apply table data where order by conditions and condition to view data or filter data. You should be able to view table column details, too.
  • Export and import data – Advanced SAP HANA tools let you export table data into different file formats like HTML, PDF, and CSV. Data can be exported as insert, too. Alternatively, you may import CSV data directly into the tables. The tool can parse input CSV data columns to display the column mappings between the uploaded CSV file data columns and the table columns.
How to Use SAP HANA Tools


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