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PostgreSQL is one of the commonly used open source relational database management systems that is known for its accuracy, data integrity assurance, and reliability. Using it as a database will be easier if you have a dedicated web client that can simplify database development and SQL analytics. With a high-quality web client, you can easily and intuitively use PostgreSQL as a database. Going web-based will be convenient if you want to eliminate the need to install software on every computer. You can access your database directly from your browser in any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. Here are a few guidelines for using a PostgreSQL web client for SQL analytics and database development according to the features that come with it:

  • Online data browser – A PostgreSQL web client supports comprehensive database browsing capabilities that enable you to view and edit table data, and insert, delete, or update data. You can make duplicate rows and update the values directly from the online browser, too.
  • Data filter – The advanced database filter lets you apply table data under given conditions, and order them to view data and filter table.
  • Export and import data – Use the PostgreSQL web client to export SQL query results data and table data, or view the data in other formats like HTML, PDF, Excel, and CSV. You can save the exported data into your hard drive or into a cloud service like Amazon S3.
  • Data editor – An intuitive user interface makes it easy for you to delete, insert, and update the data, which you may have stored into PostgreSQL tables.
  • View manager – Drop a view or create a new one, count the total rows in the view, explore column details, and filter view data from the online user interface and with a few simple clicks.
  • Table manager – Drop a table or create a new one, truncate table data, count the total rows in the table, and view column details from a single web client.

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How to Use PostgreSQL as a Database?


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