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How to Use DBHawk Oracle Tools

Christina Sanchez

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Oracle SQL developers, SQL BI users, and DBAs can easily develop and manage Oracle databases using DBHawk. Its Oracle tools are intuitive and easy to use. Best of all, DBHawk Oracle tools are web-based, so there is no need to install software. This way, you can easily access your business users and developers without relying on any Oracle client or DBA. Managers are able to audit the SQL activities of users, too. Here are a few basic guidelines for using DBHawk Oracle tools:

  • Using the data browser and editor – DBHawk Oracle client supports the online database browsing capabilities of Oracle, so you can view database table data, count the total number of rows in a table, and filter data easily. The data editor lets you insert, create, delete, and update data, or update clob and blob data, too. Use the online Oracle column manager to view column details, add new columns, or alter table columns.
  • Importing and exporting data – Use the DBHawk online export data feature to transform exported table data into another format like HTML, INSERT, CSV, and PDF. Alternatively, you can directly import CSV data to the tables. DBHawk can parse input data columns and show column mappings between the uploaded CSV data columns and the table columns themselves. Upon successful import, you can save it as a job and set it to run at regular intervals.
  • Using the constraints manager – Constraints are rules enforced on the table’s data columns. With DBHawk, you can view details on table constraints, like the type, name, status, and columns. Click on the name to see detailed information like ‘last changed’, ‘reference owner’, ‘reference table’, ‘delete rule’, and ‘reference columns’. You can add a new foreign key, unique key, and primary key, too, and check, enable, disable, or drop constraints.

Step by step process to learn how to use DBHawk Oracle Tools and all the information about the online Oracle editor and the SQL builder on the

How to Use DBHawk Oracle Tools


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