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There are many different ways that you can create a basic DynamoDB web-based workbench or set-up. A local set-up is one option, although many agree that this kind of set-up is only ideal for experimentation. When establishing a production system, it is better to develop a web-based set-up in which you can perform required tasks and other operations in the cloud. Below is a rundown of the steps you need to take in order to get started with a DynamoDB web-based workbench that you can use to perform various tasks in:

  1. First, you must sign into your AWS user account.
  2. Once in, navigate to your DynamoDB management console. Upon sign in, you will typically see a welcome page explaining Dynamo DB and all the wonderful things that the platform can do for you. The actual console won’t be visible to you until you click on the Getting Started Guide link, which will bring you to various tutorials and introductory videos. This will help you further understand how to navigate your way around Dynamo DB.
  3. In developing DynamoDB, Amazon assumes that users have previously worked with RDBMS databases, which is why instructions are few and less detailed for working with similar databases. The DynamoDB wizard will guide you through every part of the table-making process so as to avoid common mistakes in creating a table.
  4. Type TestDB into the Table Name field and pick a descriptive name for it. Remember that your database could include one large table.
  5. In the Primary Key Field, type Employee ID and choose number for the type. In Dynamo DB you have the option of making the primary key a binary value, a string, or a number.
  6. Add a sort key so you can have a secondary means to locate data. Type Employee Name into the field and set the type to string.

Once done, click create and you’ll have accomplished your first Dynamo DB web-based workbench.

How to Create a Basic DynamoDB Web Based Workbench


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