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Have you ever received a suspicious email that made you question its legitimacy? Your information could be breached through SQL Injection – a cyber threat that targeting the very core of websites and databases. In this article, we're going to break down what SQL Injection is, how it happens, and the different ways hackers pull it off.

What is SQL Injection?

SQL Injection is a type of cyber attack where hackers sneak into a website or app by messing with the commands (SQL) it uses to talk to its database. Imagine a website asking for your username. If it's not well-protected, a hacker could type in a special code that confuses the system, giving them access to things like passwords or private info.

How does SQL injection attack happen?

Now a days many website allow users to enter information, like filing out a form or logging in. When you enter these information, it goes sent to the website’s server to interact with the database. For hackers instead of entering regular information when logging in, they might type something that tricks the database.

Different type of sql injection attacks

  1. In-band SQL injection: In-band SQL injection is the most frequently and commonly used SQL injection attack. Imagine a website asking for your favorite color, and instead of typing a color, you type a special phrase that makes the database reveal everything it knows.
  2. Blind SQL Injection: Blind SQL injection occurs when attackers manipulate input in a way that forces the database to respond with certain outcomes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       In regular SQL Injection, attackers get to see exactly what their questions uncover. But in blind SQL tricks, they have to   play detective by watching how the application behaves. They can't directly see the results; it's more like picking up on   clues from the app's actions to piece together information about the database.
  3. Out-of-band SQL injection: Out-of-band SQL injection is an advance cyberattack where hackers make a website talk to their secret server. Unlike regular attacks where they get information directly, here they make the website send messages or data through a different route. It's like the website is sending a note to the hackers' server, and they use that to get information.

Impact from SQL Injection Attacks

  1. Data Thief: SQL Injections can lead to hackers obtaining sensitive information, like customer details, addresses, and credit card data.
  2. Messing with your data: Hackers can modify or delete data stored in a database.
  3. Denial of Service (DoS): Attackers may overload a database or web application with through SQL injections. This lead to system crashes and it makes the application unavailable.
  4. Compliance Violations: SQL injection attacks can result in data breaches, violating regulations and industry standards established for protecting sensitive information. Which means you could be facing a lawsuit.

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