created - 02/2020         Edited - 02/2023

How Helpful Is Web-Based Vertica SQL Client for Database Management?

Rina Nahar

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Vertica offers big data analytics solutions in the cloud or on-premise. It may be trusted by data-driven companies for its ability to deliver fast, scalable, and advanced data analytics, but you can get more from it with a web-based Vertica SQL client. That way, you can have a more secure way to access your data and get an all-in-one solution that combines data analytics,security, and database management. One of the top solutions is entirely web-based, so you can access it through your browser anytime, anywhere. Here’s how it can help you with database management:

  • Database security, access control, auditing, and data masking – Comply with regulations like PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA, GLBA, FISMA, and SOX, and implement SOD with the web-based Vertica SQL client. It can be a centralized server-based solution for monitoring database activities, while enabling secure access to databases in the cloud or on-premise.
  • Self-service BI and ad-hoc reporting – These tools allow you to connect to different data sources, define your data access policy, and create robust SQL charts and comprehensive data dashboards. After allowing your team of business analysts to access data, you can let them connect to a data source and create SQL queries on their own, even without SQL expertise.
  • Online SQL editor – The web-based Vertica SQL client comes with an intuitive SQL editor, which you can access from the browser. It lets you write, edit, and run SQL queries with little to no SQL knowledge.
  • Easy to use query builder – The Vertica SQL client with a sophisticated query builder lets you create or build database queries without installing software on all your computers. You do not have to write any code, too, as the intuitive interface can guide you through data query building and adding conditions with a few clicks.
  • Job scheduler – Schedule jobs with use using the web-based Vertica SQL client. It comes with batch and SQL scheduling that automates your workflow efficiently.
How Helpful Is Web-Based Vertica SQL Client for Database Management?


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