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Greenplum Big Data Analytics

Using DBHawk, Greenplum database developers, business analyst, and data scientists can get quick and powerful database access through a browser window.

Greenplum is an Open-Source, Multi-Cloud Data Platform Built for Advanced Analytics by Vmware. Greenplum is based on the PostgreSQL database.

DBHawk is a web-based client tool for Greenplum database users. Using DBHawk, Greenplum users can manage the database and perform business intelligence tasks. Using DBHawk, Greenplum users can quickly connect, load data, perform database operations, build visual SQL queries, generate charts, dashboard with drag & drops and few clicks. DBHawk, access control policy, provides restrictive and secure database access to users.

Greenplum In-Database Analytics, Charts & Dashboards

Using DBHawk data scientist and business analyst can run complex SQL queries, Run Apache MADlib ANOVA analysis, Perform Linear Regression, create charts and dashboards for better data visualization with few clicks.

Visual SQL Query Builder For Greenplum Database

With DBHawk SQL query builder, Greenplum database users can build SQL queries by dragging and dropping tables/views into a query builder.

Data and Database Security for Greenplum

DBHawk provides central database Security. With DBHawk access control, DBHawk Admin can create data access policy to protect and give precise access to only required database objects. DBHawk auditing capabilities provide full access and SQL activities audit trail for regulatory compliance and data security.

SQL Editor

DBHawk Online SQL Editor allows Greenplum database users, business analyst, and data scientist to write various SQL queries, run queries, view results with single row viewer, export results, create charts, ad-hoc reports.

Report Builder

Using DBHawk report builder, Greenplum database users and business analyst can build quick PDF, Excel reports and schedule reports to run at regular intervals. Users can automate report with DBHawk job scheduler and receive reports by email.

Greenplum Database

DBHawk is a perfect tool for a Greenplum database. DBHawk supports to create a table, create a view, create database function, create database sequence, view and add table columns, view table indexes, view table grants, and table SQL DDL.

Data Browser

With DBHawk, users can click and browse tables and view data. Users can run SQL queries using DBHawk Online SQL Editor, apply various data filter conditions, etc. DBHawk uses an advanced caching mechanism to make data browsing fast and easy.

Greenplum Data

Using DBHawk, Greenplum users can export data into various formats such as CSV, PDF, Excel, HTML, etc.
Users can also import data from a CSV or an Excel file. DBHawk maps input file’s columns with table columns based on the delimiter.

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