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Greenplum Big Data Analytics

Get complete control of your Greenplum database with DBHawk's web-based Greenplum client tools. Load and explore your data, create tables, build SQL queries, customize charts, and more with our all-in-one database management solution.

Optimize Your Greenplum Database Management with DBHawk

DBHawk provides a web-based Greenplum client tool, making it easier to manage and analyze data within the Greenplum platform. With DBHawk, users can quickly connect to the database, load data, and perform a wide range of database operations, including building visual SQL queries and generating charts and dashboards with just a few clicks. DBHawk offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing and analyzing Greenplum databases, including a robust Greenplum database browser, a user-friendly Greenplum SQL editor, and custom Greenplum GUI tools specifically designed to meet the unique needs of Greenplum users. With DBHawk, you'll have access to a full range of Greenplum-specific database administration tools, making it easier than ever to manage your data and unlock new insights.

In addition to its robust set of tools and features, DBHawk also offers secure and restricted access control, ensuring that your database remains protected at all times. Whether you are a seasoned database administrator or just starting out, DBHawk's intuitive interface and comprehensive documentation make it easy to use and learn, making it the perfect solution for remote teams and distributed organizations.

DBHawk Features at a glance for Greenplum database

  • Multiple databases, single tool
  • Browser Based Access, No Client Software
  • Advance SQL Editor, Query Builder
  • Reports, SQL Collaboration and SQL Automations
  • SSO and API Support
  • Flexible deployment options on cloud or on-premises

Trusted by our customers to protect and access their data

Greenplum Database
Greenplum Database
Greenplum In-Database Analytics

Greenplum In-Database Analytics, Charts & Dashboards

DBHawk simplifies advanced data analytics with easy SQL query execution and Apache MADlib ANOVA analysis, linear regression. The platform also provides an intuitive interface for creating charts and dashboards, allowing for better data visualization and improved insights into your data.

Greenplum Visual SQL Query Builder

Greenplum Database Visual SQL Query Builder

Build complex SQL queries for your Greenplum database with ease using DBHawk's intuitive SQL query builder, featuring drag and drop functionality for tables and views.

Greenplum Database Security

Greenplum Database Data and  Security  

Elevate your database security with DBHawk's centralized access control, enabling administrators to implement tailored data access policies and providing auditing for regulatory compliancy.

Greenplum SQL Editor

Greenplum SQL Editor

Enhance your Greenplum database management with DBHawk's Online SQL Editor. Write and run SQL queries, view results, and generate charts and ad-hoc reports with ease.

Greenplum Report Builder

Greenplum Report Builder

Effortlessly construct PDFs and Excel reports, schedule them with simplicity, and utilize the Job Scheduler to automate report generation to receive reports via email.

 Greenplum Database Management

 Greenplum Database Management

Streamline your Greenplum database management with DBHawk. This versatile platform offers numerous capabilities, including the ability to create tables, views, database functions, sequences, view and add columns to tables, inspect table indexes, view table grants, and access table SQL DDL statements.

Export-Import Greenplum Data

Import and Export Greenplum Data

Empower Greenplum users with DBHawk's data import and export capabilities. Effortlessly export data into a variety of formats including CSV, PDF, Excel, HTML, and more. Additionally, import data from CSV or Excel files with ease, as DBHawk automatically maps input columns to table columns based on the specified delimiter.

Greenplum Data Browser

Greenplum Data Browser

Explore your Greenplum data like never before with DBHawk. Quickly browse tables and view data with just a click. Use the advanced Online SQL Editor to run queries, apply filters, and more. With DBHawk's advanced caching mechanism, you can enjoy fast and effortless data browsing.

Greenplum database


Make the Most of Your Data with DBHawk's Comprehensive Greenplum Client Tools

Get the most out of your Greenplum data with DBHawk's all-in-one Greenplum client tools. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it an ideal solution for exploring, analyzing, and optimizing your Greenplum data. Try DBHawk for yourself and see the difference it can make. Request a demo now to discover how DBHawk can enhance your Greenplum workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions for Greenplum Database

What is Greenplum database?

Greenplum database is an open-source massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse platform developed by Pivotal software, a subsidiary of Dell Technologies. It utilizes the same SQL syntax as PostgreSQL and provides many features like multi-level partitioning, query optimization, advanced analytics functions and other performance enhancements. Greenplum is designed to scale out in order to accommodate large datasets and high query loads. It also supports both standard relational databases and data warehouses, allowing for integration with existing systems. Additionally, it can be used for applications such as business intelligence, real-time analytics and machine learning. With its powerful capabilities, Greenplum makes it easy to unlock valuable insights from your data quickly and reliably.

What is DBHawk and how does it work?

DBHawk is a web-based database management tool that simplifies the process of managing Greenplum databases.

What advanced features does DBHawk offer for Greenplum databases?

DBHawk provides advanced features for Greenplum databases including query execution, data visualization, security and auditing. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive set of tools to help users create, edit and manage their Greenplum databases more efficiently.

Does DBHawk offer a free trial or demo for users to try out the software before purchasing?

Yes, DBHawk offers a free trial or demo for users to test out the software before making any purchase. This allows them to experience the features and capabilities of the product firsthand and determine if it meets their needs.

How does DBHawk compare to other Greenplum database management tools?

DBHawk is a comprehensive database management tool that simplifies the process of managing Greenplum databases. It is a browser based solution that provides users with an easy to use interface and robust features. Compared to other Greenplum database management tools, DBHawk offers single platform to access various databases, provides an intuitive graphical interface to manage databases, offers automated database schema creation and visualization tools, security and audit features. Additionally, DBHawk can be deployed on various platforms, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure or On-Premises. With DBHawk, users can login to database without exposing any credentials, have control over their data and be sure that it is secure. DBHawk supports SSO(Single Sign On) as well to make sure user login is secure.

Can DBHawk map input file's columns to Greenplum table columns?

Yes, DBHawk can map input file's columns to Greenplum table columns. With its intuitive user interface, users can easily upload csv data and map its columns to the desired table columns.

How does DBHawk's caching mechanism improve data browsing for Greenplum databases?

DBHawk use smart caching mechanism to improve data browsing for Greenplum databases.

Many Databases, Single Tool, No Client Software

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