created - 05/2020         Edited - 02/2023

Get Both Shell And GUI-Based interaction With Web Based MongoDB GUI Tool

Rina Nahar

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If you are using Amazon DynamoDB, you may be wondering if you can easily manage and use it from anywhere. This is possible with a high-quality web-based MongoDB GUI tool, which is also designed to work with Amazon’s fully managed and scalable NoSQL database solution. Web-based pertains to the workbench’s ability to be accessed from a browser, so it eliminates the need to install any software in multiple devices you use for overseeing DynamoDB. The workbench can run on any widely used operating system, including Linux, Mac, and Windows.

The web-based MongoDB GUI tool is a flexible solution that can serve as a DynamoDB workbench. The intuitive platform enables browsing and querying of full documents and databases from your preferred web browser. The query builder uses an innovative drag-and-drop feature that lets you query DynamoDB documents with ease. The platform lets you export and import CSV and JSON data, create a new collection, and implement the tool on-premise or in the cloud. The tool is a one-stop solution for browsing the document or expanding and editing existing values.

With an interactive command interface, the web-based MongoDB GUI tool can be used for updating and querying data, and to perform key administrative tasks. It lets you open as many shells as necessary to support the number of operations you want to accomplish. It is also possible to run several command statements simultaneously. An intuitive query builder supports equal criteria, regular expression, and other complex criteria. You may apply multiple query projections and criteria, and go over data conditions.

DynamoDB is capable of managing large amounts of data, so it is important for a web-based workbench to be able to maximize that feature. The GridFS utility of the web-based MongoDB GUI tool may be useful to Amazon DynamoDB for retrieving or storing large files, like video and audio files, and images. Using this feature, you can view the files stored in the database, filter and search, delete or rename, edit metadata info, download, and upload new files.

Get Both Shell And GUI-Based interaction With Web Based MongoDB GUI Tool


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