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GDPR Data Protection with DBHawk

Manish Shah

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GDPR Data Protection with DBHawk

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the heart of the digital privacy legislation in Europe. It was born out of the plans set by the European Commission for data protection reform throughout the European Union to make Europe suitable for the digital age. Four years from January 2012, they reached an agreement on what it should involve and how to enforce it. One of the important aspects of the reforms is GDPR’s introduction. It became the EU framework followed by organizations in all member states. However, it also has implications for companies and individuals across and beyond Europe.

GDPR is technically the new set of rules for EU citizens to have more control over their personal data. Its objective is to simplify the business regulatory environment, so both businesses and citizens in the EU can get the most from the digital economy. Reforms were designed to suit the modern world, so obligations and laws surrounding privacy and consent and personal data are brought together.

Data breaches are among the worst things that could happen to information. They can cause data to be lost or stolen, abused, or tampered with. Under GDPR data protection, organizations are obligated to make sure that they are gathering personal data legally under strict conditions. Moreover, those who manage and collect it are also responsible for protecting it from exploitation and misuse. They are also obligated to respect the rights of its owners, or deal with penalties if they don’t.

To ensure compliance with GDPR data protection, you need to make sure that you are using a high-quality database platform that is at par with its standards. DBHawk is a good choice if you want a secure and centralized way to manage multiple database platforms that can seamlessly be integrated with single sign-on systems. It supports sophisticated security protocols, such as SSL and AES-256 encryption, and it comes with role-based access control and auditing functions.

GDPR Data Protection with DBHawk


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