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Maintenance of Database integrity is paramount in the information centric business environment of today. Organizations survive, thrive and excel on the data they possess by what they make of it. These are the times when information has become a valuable resource – one that needs to be protected and guarded at all times. For those looking to ensure that the right people have access to the right company data at the right time without compromising on information security or database integrity, advanced database security systems like DBHawk offer a viable solution. Here in this blog, let’s explore all the features that an advanced database security tool should possess to be worthy of guarding your precious enterprise data:

User authentication

First and foremost, your advanced database security tool should be capable of ensuring that the right people are allowed to access your information resource. User authentication features like two-factor authentication, SSL, integration with LDAP, password expiration features, account active/inactive status update, secure data sharing with password protection and link expiration schedule etc.

Access Control

Once the authenticity of a user has been established, you will need your advanced database security solution to ensure that he/she can access only that part of your database that they possess clearance for. It should allow you to clearly define user roles and access permissions and provide a means to alert the database manager in case an anomaly arises.

Database auditing

The next most important feature of an advanced database security solution is the audit capability. The database admin should be able to see who has accessed the database and for what. Logging of IP address, time, user id, database username, wrong login attempts, SQL Queries and the like are a must-have to monitor user action, reduce redundancies and ensure proper tracking of activity.

Security and protection

Advanced database security solutions should be able to provide companies with robust antivirus and antimalware protection for their information resource. These systems should be robust enough to have adequate firewalls in place to prevent cyber attacks and ensure that integrity of the database is never compromised in any way. Back-ups, redundancy prevention, and data restore options should be available to ensure information is always available for users to keep organizational operations going in a consistent manner.

Hope the above information helps you understand the many features that advanced database security solutions can provide you with.

Features Of An Advanced Database Security Solutions


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