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PostgreSQL is a powerful open source relational DBMS (database management system) developed by volunteers from around the world. This object-relational database system has a proven architecture that makes it reliable and widely preferred for data correctness and integrity. It is versatile, too, and you can run it on all major operating systems, such as Windows, Unix, and Linux. You can run it on any system using a web-based PostgreSQL client and reporting tool. An online Postgres web client is a handy tool that comes with rich features and an intuitive graphical interface for an easier way to develop databases and analyze SQL.

With a web-based Postgres client, you can build SQL queries and reports, create online data dashboards, schedule reports, and SQL jobs, receive results in your email, and construct D3-based charts. All these functions can be completed in just a few clicks of your mouse. Like PostgreSQL, the web-based client works on any modern browser running on Windows, Linux, and OSX machines.

Exporting SQL query table data results will be easier with an intuitive web-based Postgres client that comes with an online data browser. The full database browsing capability lets you view, edit, insert or delete Postgres table data, update values, and duplicate rows. A data filter can be applied to the view data and table in a few simple clicks. The web client lets you export table data, view data as HTML, PDF, Excel, or CSV, and export data from SQL query results, and save exported data to Amazon S3 or into your local disk. CSV data can be imported into the tables of the database. An intuitive user interface lets you insert, update, or delete data that is stored in the Postgres tables. Likewise, it comes with a manager that lets you drop a table, create a new one, count the total rows in a table, view column details, and truncate table data.

Export SQL Query Table Data Results with Intuitive Web-Based Postgres Web Client


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