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Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL database platform that supports document data and key-value structures. It is scalable and delivers predictable and quick performance in creating tables for storing and retrieving any data, regardless of volume. Moreover, it lets you serve most request traffic. Managing this type of database can be easier with a DynamoDB web based workbase that works with MongoDB, too. That way, you get a GUI tool that you can access anytime, anywhere, while ensuring security and privacy to users.

There are many benefits to using a DynamoDB web-based workbench for shell and GUI-based interactions. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Zero trust data access that lets you access only what is necessary.
  • Built-in fine-grained control for Object Access and column level data masking.
  • A centralized tool for auditing, insights, and security, so it is easier to monitor user activity.
  • Completely browser-based, whether deployed in the cloud or on-premise.
  • The DynamoDB web-based workbench lets you do cross-database join queries.
  • Get built-in reports, custom dashboards, and reports, with a scheduler feature to run queries intuitively and automatically. There are built-in tools to make it easier to share dashboards, snippets, queries, and reports with your team.
  • Easy to integrate with API, OKTA, SSO, LDAP, and SAML.
  • The web-based MongoDB GUI tool is a cost-effective solution for data security, self-service business intelligence, ad-hoc reporting, and database query builder, editor, and runner.

If you are looking for a DynamoDB web-based workbench, try a web-based MongoDB GUI tool to get started. Some companies can let you try it for free or give you a demo on how it works. That way, you can understand for yourself how this innovative tool can help you be more productive and collaborate with ease, while enhancing the security of your database.

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