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Leading online SQL editors typically have different useful tools and features that make them versatile for a wide range of jobs. Likewise, they come with various features that can make it easier to execute reports and batch processes. One of the most crucial features you should be looking for in an SQL editor is the job scheduler, which allows you to schedule batches of jobs using an intuitive interface. Using an SQL job scheduler, you should be able to run SQL queries by batch and save the output results on a disk. Advanced SQL job schedulers can send the results to you by email, too.

An efficient and well-designed SQL job scheduler can be the best tool you could ever use when dealing with batch scheduling and SQL. A high-end scheduler lets you automate the workflow across different database and SQL applications and platforms online. There is no need to install any software on all your machines since you can access the scheduler from a web browser over a secure internet connection. This way, you can take advantage of batch scheduling and experience an easier way to oversee the jobs that are scheduled to run and the times when they are running, and receive real-time information on the status of running jobs.

An SQL job scheduler can let you run a repeated job every hour, every minute, or on a specific day of the week. Likewise, it lets you restrict running certain jobs at peak hours. If required, a full audit can be performed, and an error log can be shown for all jobs that were executed. This way, you have complete control over the entire process of batch scheduling. The output of a job can be sent to you in a format that is easy for you to digest, such as CSV, PDF, or HTML. The schedule comes with an intuitive manager to let you monitor different scheduled jobs or edit an existing job. Likewise, it provides an easier way to view information on the first run, last run, and next run time, or start, delete, and pause a job.

Execute Reports and Batch Processes with SQL Job Scheduler


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