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Everything You Need to Know About Oracle BI Reporting Tool

Manish Shah

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It is common for any business to generate, acquire, track, and store large amounts of data on their products, contracts, employees, prices, customers, market metrics, and contacts regularly. The data is sorted and stored across various locations and databases to be accessed later for analysis, which is necessary to determine the status of a business. An Oracle BI reporting tool can be a practical addition to your business intelligence processes. Using that, you can deploy custom interactive dashboards for an easier way to build and analyze interfaces for your information processing needs. This way, business intelligence analysts are able to gain insights much easily and quickly.

A good Oracle BI reporting tool is a web-based platform, which you can access from a web browser. It may be a third-party tool, but it is compatible with Oracle Business Intelligence, and promotes self-service, with features that allow you to define policies related to data access. Moreover, it lets you create SQL charts and data dashboards, and connect to as many data sources as you need. This way, it is considered a useful tool to business analysts who want to be more efficient at their job.

An Oracle BI reporting tool may help drive your organization’s growth as it empowers your business intelligence analysts to make informed decisions quickly. Oracle BI itself is a set of tools designed to help your organization improve its capacity to create dashboards, proactive alerts, ad hoc reports and queries, and much more. Interactive dashboards provide a personalized view of external and corporate information to be displayed and shared in meaningful ways that fulfill business requirements.

Dashboards from an Oracle BI reporting tool can be shared and utilized on a shared basis according to assigned permissions, which you will administer to manage data accessibility and security. Those who have administrative privileges may deploy shared dashboards to enable groups of users to collaborate, resulting in better teamwork to complete tasks and fulfill responsibilities more efficiently and quickly.

Everything You Need to Know About Oracle BI Reporting Tool


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