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Everything You Need To Know About Database Activity Monitoring

Manish Shah

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Database activity monitoring is an important aspect of information management for a business enterprise. The observation of actions in a database environment is what makes up this function which is accomplished using a suite of tools that are used to identify and report on fraudulent, illegal or other undesirable behavior of users when interacting with a database while ensuring that impact on user operations and productivity remains minimal. The tools that have been evolved to accomplish these tasks that allow for a basic analysis of user activity in and around a relational database management systems are colloquially referred to as DAM tools. For those looking to delve into this field further, this blog post will provide you with a brief insight into everything you need to know about database activity monitoring.

The task of database activity monitoring accomplished through a combination of methods which may include reading database audit logs, memory scraping, network sniffing and the like to get a clearer and more accurate picture of what is going on in an interface. Database activity monitoring, therefore, encompasses a wide range of capabilities like discovery and classification of red flags and discrepancy triggers, application analysis, prevention of unauthorized intrusions in the database environment, identity and access management for setting user clearances, risk management support, vulnerability handling and the like. Operations monitoring, data protection, and compliance management are what makes up this DBM function. And finally, DAM helps in addressing compliance requirements mandated by various laws and regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, NIST 800-53, and EU regulations.

When a business has means to prevent unauthorized access and tampering of sensitive data in financial, HR and other critical functions of the enterprise, the direct result is more secure and protected the flow of information that is necessary for proper decision making and operational collaboration. That is the ultimate goal of database activity monitoring – ensuring that the right business information reaches right business users at the right time while preventing a breach of data security and unauthorized access.

Hope this information has helped you in understanding the importance of this database management function.

Everything You Need To Know About Database Activity Monitoring


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