Difference Between SAP HANA and Teradata Client Tool

Feature-rich online SQL editors like DB Hawk offer support for many kinds of databases, among the most common of which include SAP HANA and Teradata. A good alternative for these specialized database platforms, they offer support for all the latest features, ranging from database tables and views to functions, sequences, triggers, and procedures of Teradata and SAP HANA databases. The following are major similarities and differences between the DBHawk SAP HANA and TeraData client tools in terms of their features: 

  • Browser – DB Hawk supports both Teradata and SAP HANA data browsing features. Users can view database tables, filter data, and count total number of rows in a Teradata table and enjoy the same browsing features in SAP HANA.
  • Data Editor – the online data editor enables users to create, insert, delete, and update data in SAP HANA, with the added advantage of updating clob and blobbing data in Teradata.
  • Data Filter – the platform offers support for advanced database filtering on table and view data in both clients. With a few simple clicks, you can apply table data and order them by conditions to filter information.


  • Data Export/Import – DB Hawk also has an export data feature which enables users to export table data into various formats, including HTML, CSV, PDF, and insert formats. Data can also be imported directly into the tables as the tool can parse input CSV data columns and at the same time display column mappings directly from the uploaded CSV file. After a successful import, you can also save it as a job and even schedule it to run at regular intervals.


  • Web-based View Manager – DBHawk allows you to browse, view, and filter data, get SQL for view definition, count total rows, and export view data in various formats for both SAP HANA and Teradata clients.