DBHawk System Requirements

  • Operating system

    Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS.

  • Application server

    It is supported with freeware Tomcat application-server.

  • Application server hardware
    DBHawk server requirements are based on a number of users using DBHawk. Following requirements are based on total 25 users using DBHawk.
    Hardware 8GB or above RAM. Disk space 25GB or more. Capable of operating as a web server.
  • Database Compatibility

    Supported Oracle database versions are Oracle 10 and up, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and up, MySQL, PostgreSQL and other JDBC compliant databases.

  • Will it run on any platform?

    Yes, it is developed using Java-based web technologies, so it is platform independent.

  • Web browser Compatibility

    DBHawk will work with any modern browser such as IE 8 or above, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.

  • Java

    Requires the Java 1.8 or later to be installed on the server.


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