DBHawk Online SQL Editor

DBHawk SQL Editor is an advanced SQL query editor. Users can build, edit and run online SQL queries with feature rich intuitive interface.

Start managing your SQL databases in the easiest and most efficient way with the help of DBHawk Online SQL Editor. Developed specifically to make your database analysis simpler than ever and boost your productivity, DBHawk SQL Editor is the leading advanced online SQL editor, combining intuitive interface with rich features. Completely online-based, it’s designed to make your database analysis powerful, simple and efficient, even if you’re not an IT expert.

DBHawk Online SQL Editor


DBHawk Online SQL Editor Features

SQL Editor

DBHawk SQL Editor allows users to execute SQL Queries. Users can run SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statements. Users can cancel long running queries.
Users can open multiple SQL Editor windows. Users can open table Select statements into SQL Query Editor by right clicking on the table or clicking on the
top right SQL button. Query editor also allows users to Save SQL Queries or upload saved queries to the SQL Editor.

Online SQL Editor

Execute Multiple Statements

DBHawk SQL Editor allows users to execute multiple SQL queries online. Users can run multiple SELECT statements and DBHawk will execute those statements and display results with multiple tabs.
If running multiple INSERT or UPDATE statements, DBHawk will display progress for each statements. DBHawk will continue running other statements, if there is any error with a particular statement.

Execute Multiple SQL Statements

SQL Explain Plan or SQL Server Execution Plans

A query plan shows how a query was executed, or how it will be executed which is significant for troubleshooting query performance issues. DBHawk displays Oracle SQL Explain plan with execution details. For SQL Server, DBHawk displays query execution plan with all execution details.

Online SQL Server Execution Plan | Oracle Explain Plan

Online SQL Formatter

DBHawk online SQL Formatter can format SQL Queries. It beautify SQL statements and display SQL with color syntax highlights.

Online SQL Formatter

SQL History Viewer

DBHawk keep track of users SQL history. User can invoke SQL history viewer and view previous SQL run history. It allows to sort history data by run time or SQL query. It allows to select and insert SQL from history viewer to SQL editor.

Online SQL History Viewer

Upload/Download SQL

Users can upload SQL from a local file system to DBHawk SQL query editor. Users can also save SQL and download to store SQL on their PC.

Upload & Download SQL With SQL Editor

Upload and Run SQL in Background

Users can upload local SQL file and submit to run SQL in background. This feature is useful when user needs to run time consuming many SQL queries. e.g. Larger number of database insert SQL queries.
DBHawk will refresh progress screen and every often and allow users to view the progress.

Upload and run SQL in Background

Find, Find Next, Clear Find, Replace, Replace All

DBHawk provides all advanced query editor features to support find text, find next, replace text and replace all text features

Find, Replace Editor Feature

Export Results

DBHawk allows users to export results into various formats such as CSV, PDF and HTML. Users can export results to their local file or export directly to Amazon S3 storage (If storage is configured)

Export SQL results to CSV and other formats

Building Charts, Data Grids

DBHawk allows users to build various charts with query results. All charts are D3 based intuitive charts. DBHawk supports Pie, Line, Bubble, Stacked/Grouped Multi-Bar, Discrete Bar, Stacked/Grouped Area, Chord, Bullet, Heatmap, Box plots, Dendrogram and Gauge charts. Using DBHawk users can also build data grid item and use this item while creating dashboards. Using charts and data grid, DBHawk allows to create dashboards.

Build SQL results charts, data grid etc.
DBHawk Online SQL Editor Data Grid Features

DBHawk data grid provides many advanced features.

Grid Columns Selection

User can choose columns to display on the grid by clicking on the column menu and selecting desired columns

Advanced Data Grid Column Selection Feature

Sort Grid Data

Users can sort data on the grid with ASC or DESC order

Advanced Data Grid Data Sort Feature

Group By & Functions

Users can group by data on the grid. Users can apply various math functions on the data on the grid.

Advanced Data Grid Data Group By Feature

Online SQL Editor