Database Security And Auditing

DBHawk provides central database security and database auditing capability for heterogeneous database environments including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Netezza, Teradata, SAP HANA and other databases.

DBHawk -Database Security and auditing

With SQL auditing admin can monitor and record user’s database actions. Admin can monitor who did what.

DBHawk logs all users activities into the log files. Using these data DBHawk admin can find out users database actions performed, investigate suspicious database activities, Monitor and gather data about specific database activities.

Database Security

Using DBHawk, our customers were able to comply with HIPPA, SOX, GLBA regulations and were able to implement SOD (Segregation of duties).

DBHawk is a web based software which runs on the server. It makes regulation compliance much easy when there are many database end users.
Using DBHawk admin can make sure to secure server with antivirus and antimalware remediation, all users SQL and database activities goes through a single server.

All users logins, logouts and interaction with data is logged. This way, admin can concentrate more for server security and need to less worry about protecting many users machines.

DBHawk- Database Security And Auditing Benefits

  • DBHawk stores audit logs in a log files and provides one central audit repository for all database types including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Netezza, Teradata, SAP HANA and other databases.
  • DBHawk provides central database security with minimal impact to database and infrastructure.
  • Administrators can monitor all database Logins and SQL activities through a single admin screen.
DBHawk also allows to create non database user credential, by creating non database user, admin do not require to reveal database credentials.
DBHawk -Database Security and auditing

Following are the main auditing capabilities

database security

  • All database access login information including time stamp, access type(login, logout), userid, database user, database schema, User IP address, and message.
  • All SQL activities information including time stamp, userid, database user, database schema, connection, user IP address, SQL statements.
  • All SQL activities are logged into log files with parsable format. This helps companies to do further SQL activities analysis

Following are the main DBHawk security capabilities:

database security

  • Single tool to manage all database activities.
  • Secure SSL connection.
  • Read only, Read write connection setup.
  • Multiple authentication supported such as database authentication, LDAP authentication or custom authentication.
  • Allow or deny access scheme based on Users’s IP address – this allows restricting access.

Database Security