DBHawk for Amazon RDS

DBHawk for Amazon RDS is supported for MySQL,PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server and Amazon Redshift databases.

DBHawk Amazon RDS Tool

DBHawk users can use visual SQL query builder to build SQL queries; build RDS database ad hoc reports, parameterized reports, and online data dashboards; build D3 based charts; and schedule reports-all with point and click simplicity and database security.

DBHawk Major Features For Amazon RDS and Redshift Databases

Data Browser/Editor

Browse, edit, update, delete, insert,
filter database table data.
Export data into csv, pdf, html, amazon S3 format.

Manage Database Objects

Create, alter database tables, views,
functions, sequences, procedures etc.

Database Tables

Create, drop tables.
View, alter column details, add new
columns, count rows, import csv data,
data from Amazon S3.

Index Manager

View, alter, drop table indexes.
Create new indexes.

Constraint Manager

View, alter, drop database constraints.
Create new PK, FK, unique, check.

Grants Manager

View object permissions.

DBHawk Amazon Redshift database Tool

Visual SQL Query Builder

Build SQL Queries
Web based intuitive UI.
Build queries by drag and
drop. Build tables relationships.
Open SQL query in SQL Editor.

Advanced SQL Query Editor

Execute SQL queries.
Format SQL queries.
View SQL query history.
Grid data sort and filter.
Grid data columns selection.
Apply math functions on grid data.

User Manager

View user details.
Create new users.
Update, drop users.

Amazon RDS Tool