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Using a web-based SAP HANA client will make it easier to oversee database usage and actions, as well as manage and update your database. Instead of using SAP HANA Cockpit, you can consider flexible alternatives like DBHawk—which supports the latest features of the database platform—so you can perform and access crucial actions like database tables, sequences, views, procedures, triggers, and functions. DBHawk is an advanced browser-based tool that comes with a visual SQL query builder, a report builder, job scheduler, and SQL editor, resulting in a comprehensive database management package for SAP HANA developers who are using Linux OS, macOS, and Windows. Here is an overview of DBHawk’s most important features:

  • Data browser – The platform supports the database browsing feature of SAP HANA, so you can filter and view data and count the total number of rows in the table easily.
  • Data editor – This feature lets you insert, delete, update, and create data.
  • Export and import data – DBHawk lets you export table data into PDF, insert, HTML, and CSV formats. Likewise, you can import CSV directly into the tables. Input CSV data columns are parsed and the column mappings between the uploaded CSV files and table columns can be displayed.
  • Table data filter – An advanced filtering system lets you apply table data following specific conditions for an easier way to segregate and explore data with a simple click.
  • Table columns – With DBHawk, you can view the table column details in SAP HANA.
  • Indexes and triggers – You can view table index and trigger details from your web browser.
  • Constraints – The platform displays constraint details like columns, types, and names.
  • System views – DBHawk supports the system views feature of SAP HANA, so it comes with data browsers for every system catalog views.

If you are not sure whether DBHawk is for you, consider viewing a live demo or sign up for a free trial. That way, you can determine for yourself how useful it will be for your SAP HANA database management and security.

DBHawk – A Unique Web Based Alternative to SAP HANA Tools


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